Uses for Ready-Mix Concrete

Commercial and Industrial Uses For Ready-Mix Concrete in Alpine, TX

As a reliable concrete contractor throughout Pecos, TX, Big Bend Concrete Company is happy to provide ready-mix concrete to commercial and industrial businesses as well as oilfields. Ready-mix is a pourable concrete material that is used when the customer needs an exact formula created for their specific needs. It consists of Portland cement, crushed gravel or stone, and sand. As opposed to on-site concrete, ready-mix is mixed with water on the way to the delivery site in a barrel mixing truck. This ensures it arrives fresh. 

On Site Concrete Pecos, TX

Order Your Ready-Mix Concrete Today!

If you’re a commercial or industrial business owner or an oilfield manager, allow Big Bend to provide you with concrete that’s custom-made for your specific needs! No project is too non-traditional for our professional contractors, and we always make the mixture to your exacting requirements. We guarantee that all of your materials meet local building codes. For all your pourable building materials, contact us today. No amount of concrete is too large or too small for us to handle!

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